1.1 Membrane Arrays: Barrels and Hypars

Ralph Doggen – Membrane Spaces Studio @ Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, 2005

This research focused on connecting the two of the three primary membrane geometries hyperbolic paraboloid (saddle) and hyperboloid (barrel) with one another and subsequently arraying them into more complex assemblies. Particularly the physical form-finding experiments are rather difficult to get to perfection due to the interaction between the elastic membranes and their complex connections. Initial experiments focused on connecting a single hyperboloid to two hypars. In subsequent experiments hyperboloids were arrayed to fill a notional volume, and a larger number of hyperboloids were placed between two hypars. With the introduction of holes in the hyperbolic paraboloid membranes spatial connectivity and environmental exchange between the two sides separated by the assembly could be explored.

Tutors: Michael Hensel and Achim Menges – OCEAN
Digital Modelling Workshop: Pavlos Sideris
Digital Dynamic Relaxation Support: David Rutten
Invited Critics: Ludo Grooteman, Eva Menges – OCEAN, David Rutten, Pavlos Sideris, Nikolaos Stathopoulos – Buro Happold, Peter Trummer
Student: Ralph Doggen


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