1.4 Cable Nets with Membrane Arrays 02

Membrane Spaces Masterclass @ UTS University of Technology Sydney 2007

The aim of this two week Masterclass was to develop strategies to combine cable-nets with membrane arrays suspended within a three-dimensional net. Initial experiments served to understand the logic of membranes as form-active systems and form-finding as a design method. Integral part of this phase was to utilise the form-finding with elastic membranes so as to deduce from the resulting geometries of the membranes the articulation of complex nets, which also belong to form-active systems and cun thus likewise be form-found. A second set of experiments focused on the articulation and arraying of a smaller number of membranes, deducing supporting nets or translating membranes into nets and arraying smaller membranes within these nets, while analysing the shading pattern that are accomplished by different membrane geometries and arrays. This method served to increase the number of membranes and the complexity of the overall system towards exceedingly differentiated systems and shadow patterns. Once enough empirical data was established the experiment can be reverse engineered, starting from a desired shadow map and developing a membrane-cable-net system that would yield this specific pattern and a given moment in time.

Tutors: Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel and Michael Hensel, OCEAN Istanbul
Invited Critics: Prof. Dr. Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, Head of Architecture UTS
Prof. Dr. Charles Rice, Anthony Burke, Adrian Lahoud, UTS and OCEAN Sydney
Students: list will be provided soon


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